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Tranquila Beach Boutique Hotel is located on the most exclusive beach on the island of Rasdhoo, in the wonderful atoll of Alif Alif, the heart of the Maldives archipelago.

Surrounded by the waters protected by the coral reef, the hotel is immersed in an unspoiled oasis of the Indian Ocean, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, a paradise for divers, natural habitat of sea turtles, dolphins, manta rays and rare protected species.

It is the perfect place for authentic travelers who want to live a true Maldivian experience, permeated by the atmosphere and customs of the local population, visit an island not contaminated by the artificial and consumerist tourism of the resorts, appreciate the small craft shops and the sandy streets of the villages, enjoy the simple wonders offered by nature and surprising humanity at any time. It is the place of the heart for those looking for adventure, relaxation and an unforgettable holiday.

The private Bikini Beach , equipped with loungers, canopies, barbecue area and massage area to spend pleasantly long hours of relaxation, stretches out in front of the hotel, in the lush setting off the tropical forest.

The management of the Tranquila Beach Boutique Hotel is joint Italian-Maldivian. The happy mixture of styles and cultures guarantees the most refined international hospitality both in the taste of the furnishings and in the gastronomic proposals.



The atmosphere of the Tranquila Beach Boutique Hotel is relaxed and encourages comfortable and informal clothing. However, remember that the Maldives being a muslim country, rules of the  country prohibit being topless on the beach and advise against wearing swimwear/bikinis on the streets of the island. On our private beach and inside the hotel, bikinis are allowed.

Alcohol is prohibited throughout the archipelago and any bottles found will be confiscated at the airport.

The Rasdhoo Island

Rasdhoo, known as "The heart of Maldives" is a haven for travelers across the globe, read more about the island and what it has to offer here

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